Southeastern train service from Victoria delayed as woman gives birth

West Malling train station in Kent (Picture: Google Maps)
As excuses for train delays go, it’s not likely to annoy passengers – commuters were told their service from London Victoria would be late because a woman was giving birth.
The woman had baby Phoebe as the packed commuter service heading for Ashford stood at West Malling station in Kent.
The service was delayed by 45 minutes, a spokesperson for Southeastern said, before confirming the baby is ‘doing ok’ and a bunch of flowers would be sent to the new mother.

Poppy the terrier gets piggyback from Boris – Britain’s biggest boar

Anyone for a piggyback? Poppy and Boris are best buddies (Picture: Apex)
He might be Britain’s biggest pig, but the sheer size of Boris – who could be going in the Guinness Book of World Records – still didn’t dissuade Poppy the terrier from hopping on his back and hitching a ride.
The fearless canine lives on Chyvarloe Farm, near Helston in Cornwall, with Boris, who is more than 7ft long, 3ft tall and weighs more than half a ton.

I’m allergic to the gym… is an excuse one woman can legitimately use for not doing exercise

Off and running: Kasia Beaver has to stay out of the gym as working out could spark an allergic reaction (Picture: Caters)
Some people need hardly any excuse to get out of going to the gym but mother-of-four Kasia Beaver has the ultimate reason, she is allergic to exercise.
Even running around the garden after her children can set off her condition which she describes as ‘terrifying’.
‘When I get an attack, my eyes swell up and start to itch. Within five minutes, they’re completely closed,’ said the 33-year-old from Redditch, in Worcestershire.

Zorro the surfing pig takes to the waves in New Zealand

A fun-loving piglet is making a splash in New Zealand after taking up surfing alongside his animal-adoring owner.
Pigs may not be able to fly but they sure can surf judging by the impressive water displays from adventurous baby Zorro.
He joins his trusting owner Matthew Bell every morning for a surf session on the picturesque beach of Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty.
Zorro, who is a mixture of kunekune and domestic pig, and possibly a little wild boar, is the fourth animal of its kind to be raised by the Bell family.

Scooby snack: Labrador undergoes surgery after swallowing dessert spoon

Ouch: The x-ray of golden labrador Scooby (Picture: Masons)
A labrador pup has survived after wolfing down a dessert spoon as he tucked into a bread and butter pudding.
Scooby scoffed some of the sweet from his owner’s hand – but quickly turned and chomped the spoon in her other.
Marie, 34, and partner Paul Cooper rushed the seven month-old pooch to Thanet Animal Hospital in Margate, Kent where he underwent a major stomach operation.

Top 10 viral videos of the week: Surfing pig to Bradford Batman

Nerves of steel: the world’s craziest rope swing (Picture: YouTube)
Metro runs through the top 10 viral videos of the week including a surfing pig and an interview with the Bradford Batman.
10. Dog and seal play hide and seek
A riverbank game of hide and seek played by a dog and a seal is making a huge splash online.

16 adorable pictures of cute puppies

Here at Metro we love pictures of cute puppies. In fact – doesn’t everyone?
Given the fact most people can’t resist looking at cute pictures of our canine pals, we’ve decided to gather together some of the most adorable images we could find.
From baby Dalmatians to golden retriever puppies, baby beagles to mini St Bernards, there are plenty of cute canines for you to feast your eyes on.
We urge you all to sit down, relax and take your time to really enjoy these sweet snaps… Enjoy!

16 adorable pictures of really cute kittens

Love kittens? Love pictures of kittens? Good news – we’ve had a look around and gathered together 16 amazingly cute pictures of kittens.
There’s Yako the ten day old kitten, who was found in a rubbish bin. Luckily there was a happy ending – Yako was adopted by bichon Blondie.
There’s also a kitten rescued during Hurricane Katrina, the kitten who walked on the pitch during a football match and – possibly the best of all – a kitten playing with a squirrel.

Google Street View car captures randy Manchester couple engaging in sex act

Street View cars have picked up some strange images over the years – and this scene in Manchester is no exception (Picture: Google)
A randy couple’s steamy encounter in a discreet alleyway has been viewed by thousands on the internet after they were snapped by Google’s Street View cameras.
The amorous pair were caught on camera by the internet search engine giant as it mapped Manchester’s Temperance Street.

Drunk man tries to steal police car ‘to get home’

A drunken clubber tried to steal a police car to get home (Picture: PA)
If you’re ever stranded and decide to steal a car to get home, it’s probably not a good idea to choose a police vehicle.
That was a mistake drunken partier Tommy Lawson made when he wanted to get back to Scunthorpe after a night clubbing in Manchester, the Scunthorpe Telegraph reports.
The 30-year-old from Coventry was caught trying to steal a police car last month and when later asked why he had done it, he merely said he was trying to get home.


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