Quiz of the week's news

Which celeb is anti-paparazzi law named after?

VIDEO: Where is the world's coldest village?

Two Russian cities 1,000 kilometres apart are disputing the unofficial title of the coldest inhabited place on earth.

VIDEO: Eddie the arthritic otter shoots hoops

Eddie the otter is 15 years old and suffers from arthritis in his elbow so his keeper has come up with a novel way for him to improve movement in his joints - basketball.

VIDEO: Priest turns superhero to fight sin

A priest in the northern Mexican city of Saltillo has taken to adorning his robes with images of superheroes and spraying his community with water pistols full of holy water in the hopes of engaging children with his church services.

VIDEO: Player run over in soccer brawl

A Sunday league football match in Kirby, on Merseyside, was abandoned when a brawl broke out culminating with a car running over a player on the field of play.

VIDEO: Edinburgh pandas 'preparing to mate'

Keepers at Edinburgh Zoo have taken the first steps to prepare their two giant pandas for this year's breeding season.


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