European Union to vote on banning 'all forms of pornography in the media'

The European Parliament will consider on Tuesday a resolution to ban pornography and take measures to make the Internet comply.

Bids to deflower life-like sex doll top $100,000

Bidding on the chance to deflower a very life-like Brazilian sex doll has topped $100,000.

Teacher fired after children taste her blood

A Norwegian kindergarten teacher was fired this week after she brought a vial of her own blood to class and allowed children to touch and taste it, the head teacher of the kindergarten said on Friday.

Florida pub forced to remove Irish flag

The owners of an Irish pub in northeast Florida said they were shocked to receive a citation for flying the Irish flag but have removed it to comply with a local ordinance banning commercial display of non-U.S. flags.

Nani Red Card: Man United Fan Dials 999

A Manchester United supporter is so incensed by the decision and the club's exit from the Champions League he calls police.

Drunk Student Convicted Of Frying Hamster

James White is sentenced to work in the community after admitting causing unnecessary suffering to the rodent.

Syria Claims 'Spy Rocks' Planted By Israel

Syrian state TV broadcasts footage of "spy rock" devices it says are designed to photograph, register and transfer data.

Thousands Of Sharks Shut Florida Beaches

Thousands of migrating sharks temporarily close beaches along the Florida coast as the predators swim within yards of the shore.

Jihad Boy Wears 9/11 Bomb T-Shirt To School

A mother apologises in court after sending her son to school dressed in a T-shirt with the words "I am a bomb" on the front.


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