Baby Girl Born On Kent Commuter Train

National Rail congratulates a new mother after she gives birth to a baby girl on a Southeastern train.

Surfing Pig Zorro Hogs Waves In New Zealand

Video shows the two-month-old piglet balancing - just about - as his owner and surfing partner describes him as "phenomenal".

Harlem Shakers Surprised By Dance Craze

A few bored teenagers whose "stupid" dance has sparked a worldwide craze say they're amazed by the phenomenon.

George W Bush: Ex-President's Dog Doodles

Painter Bonnie Flood spent a month with the 43rd president teaching him the fundamentals of his post-White House hobby.

'Spider-Man' Alain Robert Eyes Up Shard Climb

A court injunction banned him from climbing it last year - but he is still hoping to get permission to scale the tower.

Video: Piglet learns to use his training wheels

The Feed compiles some of the week's best viral videos, including Madeline's "sheer delight" with public transportation, Hello Kitty in outer space and an unbelievable little kid doing trick shots. Plus, a ten-day-old piglet learning how to use his training wheels.

Video: Dirt dinner offered at Tokyo restaurant

Dirt is on the menu at a French restaurant in Tokyo. The chef created a six-course meal with soil as the secret ingredient. Felipe Maya reports.

Video: Owl gets stuck in car grill

An owl was freed after it was found trapped behind the grill of an SUV in Florida.

Video: "Harlem Shake:" The latest Internet craze

The Feed complies some of the week's best viral videos, including a bucket of sloths, amazing bets you will always win and a stylish escape from an avalanche. Plus, we explain the newest dance phenomenon taking over the Internet - the "Harlem Shake."

Video: "War of the Tomato" in Chile

Over 40 tons of tomatoes were used in an annual food fight in Chile that is a take on the famed tomato festival in Bunol, Spain.


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