Gallery: The world’s most overloaded transport

Are you sure you couldn’t get a bit more on that truck? Maybe just one more hay bale?
Or how about an extra duck on the back of your motorbike?
We take a look at the best in overloaded transport from around the world. We’re not sure if ‘lazy man’s load’ can be translated into all these languages – but perhaps it should be.

Grandmother spared jail after giving teenagers cannabis and baking weed cakes

Iris Thornton encouraged teens to bake cannabis brownies (Picture: James Stewart)
A grandmother was let off with a community order after she gave teenagers some of her medical cannabis and encouraged them to bake weed cakes, Falkirk Sheriff Court heard.
The five school children, who were aged between 13 and 15 years old, were permitted by Iris Thornton to make chocolate brownies containing the drug at her home in Dennyoanhead, Stirlingshire.

30ft deep and 20ft wide sinkhole swallows truck in China

A truck in China was swallowed up by a giant 30ft deep and 20ft wide hole (Picture: CEN)
A truck driver in China found himself in a precarious situation after his vehicle was swallowed up by the ground in the latest sinkhole incident.
A giant 30ft deep and 20ft wide hole opened up beneath the man who was passing through Kunming, Yunnan province at the time.
‘There was a rumbling sound and the ground started to rock. At first I thought it was an earthquake,’ he told police.

MPs locked in after working late

Two MPs are locked in the House of Commons Library on Wednesday, having stayed there working late.

How bed bugs 'dodge insecticides'

A genetic study provides an insight into the tricks that these bugs are using to evade insecticides.

Knight's remains found in parking lot

The remains of a medieval knight were located under a former parking lot and current building site in Edinburgh, Scotland.

'Black Death' Skeletons Found Under Crossrail

Archaeologists think they may have uncovered the lost burial site of more than 50,000 victims of the plague in the City of London.

Lost Roman Artefact Found in Cupboard

The ancient relief was discovered at Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, where Henry VIII's last surviving wife was buried.

Australian Casino In 'Ocean's Eleven' Scam

A high roller uses a casino's own security cameras to steal more than £22m, mirroring a scene from the George Clooney film.

Video: "Grumpy Cat" coming to TV

"Grumpy Cat" has become an internet meme that keeps on giving. Tardar Sauce the 11-month-old cat became a hit online and is now getting her big break on TV. Felipe Maya reports.


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