Scrap Yard Owner Charged In Theft Of 8 School Buses

Updated story

Charges were filed Sunday in the theft of eight school buses from a garage on Chicago's South Side.

The buses were discovered to be missing early Friday morning when workers arrived at the Sunrise School Bus and Charter garage in the 10000 block of South Torrence Avenue, the Associated Press reports.

Um, Science?

This certainly isn't the smartest scientific experiment we've ever seen, but we suppose it does prove something... never trust the guy not wearing shoes.

Technicality Costs Globetrotter His World Record

A British man completed his mission to visit every sovereign state on the globe without taking a single plane in order to earn himself a Guinness World Records title. However, recognition for his round-the-world jaunt is in jeopardy because of a technicality.

Researchers Propose New Stonehenge Theory

LONDON -- British researchers have proposed a new theory for the origins of Stonehenge: It may have started as a giant burial ground for elite families around 3,000 B.C.

Tsunami Debris Continues To Wash Up Thousands Of Miles From Japan

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — Two years ago, the yellow buoy was hanging as part of a restaurant sign in the coastal community of Minamisanriku in northern Japan when an earthquake triggered a tsunami and washed it — and so much more — out to sea.

Weird Crime Week: Man Accused of Doing It To Himself in Public

If police don't know the song Osmar Hernandez was singing on the streets of Gretna, Louisiana, it may be because they may have been more distracted by what he was ...Read Full Post

Sex Emergency! New Service Offers Condom Delivery in 60 Minutes or Less

Ready to "do it" but not ready with the goods? There's an app for that!At least, there's an app for that in Dubai.Durex condoms has initiated a condom delivery service in Dubai - and if you order one via the app or the company's Durex SOS Web site, it'll be at your door in 60 minutes or less.

Penguins: Charming, Comical... And Cold-Blooded Killers

Sure, penguins may look all funny, waddling around for cheap laughs.Turns out, it's just an act.According to Japanese researchers, penguins are actually finely tuned killing machines - as lethal in the water as they are awkward on land."You could say the penguins have an amazing stealth mode," Yuuki Watanabe, a researcher at Japan's National Institute of Polar Research, told the Reuters news a

Unexpected biology lesson: Woman strips in school assembly

Remember how boring school assembly was?Well, clearly you didn't go to school in Albany, N.Y. where police say this women got up and stripped for the kids.Aydrea Meaders, 24, was arrested at North Albany Academy after she began dancing for the kids and pulling off her clothes, according to the Associated Press.

Bigfoot or Big Scam? DNA Tests Claim 'Squatch is Real

Bigfoot is real - and DNA tests published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal prove it!Either that, or Bigfoot hucksters have struck again, conducting their own "study" on phony Bigfoot DNA and publishing it in a journal that they themselves own.Which is the truth? Personally, I'd love it to be the former.


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