Penis Apps Claim to Know Your Size Better Than You Do

How do you stack up?A new app called Predicktor not only claims it can guess your penis size, it can also tell you how you compare to other men.The app, which is only available for Android, asks questions on everything from your finger length to your butt size to make it's "predicktion."It also promises to show the difference between large and small - and says "the difference may be smaller than you think."

Best Sport Ever: Topless Sledding

What's more fun than sledding? Sledding without clothes!In what appears to be an annual event over in Altenberg, Germany, sledders take off nearly everything - except for some undershorts or panties - and hit the snow, where certain parts of the body let everyone know just how cold it is.The event is hosted by a radio station and draws thousands of spectators - there purely to enjoy the spirit of competitive sports, of course - as some of the sledders write messages across their bods.

A Buttload of Drugs: Police Say Man Hid 100 Bags of Heroin in His Anus

There are three places an extra large anal cavity will come in handy: porn, drug smuggling and prison.And this guy is likely to experience at least two of the three - because police in New Jersey say he had 100 bags of heroin socked away in his anus.

NFL Mug Shot History: Desmond Bryant

Less than two months into 2013, and we already have an early contender for "Mug Shot of the Year."This is Desmond Bryant, a Harvard graduate and member of the Oakland Raiders, at least until he hits free agency in two weeks.


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