'Sexist joke' whistle-blower fired

A woman who tweeted a picture of two men she said were exchanging sexist jokes at a web developer conference has been fired.

Dinosaur-killing rock 'was a comet'

The space rock that hit Earth 65 million years ago, widely implicated in killing off the dinosaurs, was probably a fast-moving comet, researchers say.

Bogus pilot caught in US jet cockpit

A Frenchman has been charged with impersonating a pilot after he was found in the cockpit of a plane due to take off in Philadelphia, police say.

Groundhog 'indicted' for late spring

Ohio prosecutors issue an "indictment" against Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog famed for predicting spring's arrival, after he got it wrong this year.

Pope calls kiosk to stop newspapers

Newly-elected Pope Francis stuns the owners of a Buenos Aires newspaper kiosk, by phoning directly to cancel his order.

Nasa Confirms Meteor After 'Fireball' Reports

A flash of light that streaked over the east coast of the United States prompts comments from Nasa - and numerous Twitter users.

Nigeria: Floating School Built In Slum Makoko

A primary school that floats on plastic drums has been built in a coastal slum in Africa's largest city.

Video: Snake gets best of family, starts house fire

An attempt to burn a snake eneded up being very costly for a Bowie County, Texas family. KSLA-TV's Pat Simon reports.

Video: Wild turkeys go on the attack

Despite a number of churchgoers being attacked by wild turkeys, parishioners at Faith United Church of Christ in Frederick, Md., feel they have to protect the animals. WUSA 9's Bruce Leshan reports.


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