Have your dog or cat clean up the room with ‘Pet Sweep’

You give your animal so much love and attention. Perhaps it’s time they started paying back the favor. Well, one company is offering you the option with “Pet Sweep,” tiny mop like cleaning swipes that fit snugly on the paws of your dog or cat. The technical term for the innovative home cleaning product is [...]

Vettel puts his faith in "Hungry Heidi"

(Reuters) - Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel is hoping 'Hungry Heidi' will take him to a fourth successive Formula One world championship this season. The 25-year-old German has given a female name to all his Red Bull cars over the years and announced the latest moniker on his website (www.sebastianvettel.de) with a picture and the words "Hungry Heidi so far known to you as RB9". 'Hungry Heidi' follows last year's 'Abbey'. Before that, the German drove 'Kate', 'Kate's Dirty Sister', 'Luscious Liz', 'Randy Mandy' and 'Kinky Kylie'. ...

Italian bishops thank God for wrong pope

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Italian bishops were so convinced that one of their own would become pope that they sent a congratulatory message to the media thanking God for the election of a prelate from Milan. The trouble was, the new pope had already been named as Argentinian cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. The secretary-general of the Italian conference, Monsignor Mariano Crociata, expressed "joy and thanks" to God for the election of Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan in a statement sent to reporters at 8:23 p.m. (7:23 p.m. British time) on Wednesday night. ...

"Hand of God" brings Argentina pope - Maradona

ROME (Reuters) - The same "hand of God" brought the papacy to Argentina as helped it to the 1986 World Cup, says Diego Maradona, the football legend whose famously illicit, handled goal against England still excites passions at home and abroad. In a letter to Rome's Il Messaggero newspaper on Wednesday from his base in Dubai, Maradona, 52, described himself as a devout Roman Catholic and said he rejoiced at the election of his compatriot Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio as Pope Francis. "I am truly very happy and I am certain that my enthusiasm is shared by the whole Argentinian people," he wrote.

Ohio woman, 106, finally gets high school diploma

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A 106-year-old central Ohio woman who completed classes but didn't graduate in a dispute over a book has received her high school diploma.

Pope returns to Rome hotel - to pay bill

By Naomi O'Leary VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis returned on Thursday to the Church-run residence where he was staying before becoming pontiff, and insisted on paying the bill, despite now effectively being in charge of the business, the Vatican said. The morning after his election, Francis asked a driver to take him to the clerics' hotel, the Domus Internationalis Paulus VI, where he had stayed during the run-up to this week's secret electoral conclave. "He wanted to get his luggage and the bags. He had left everything there," a Vatican spokesman told a news briefing. ...

Lawsuit says two-year-old boy ate used condom at Chicago McDonald's

By Jonathan Stempel (Reuters) - McDonald's Corp has been sued by a woman who said her two-year-old son ate a used condom he found in the play area of one of its restaurants in Chicago. Anishi Spencer filed the complaint against the fast-food restaurant chain on Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court on behalf of herself and her sons, Jonathan Hines and Jacquel Hines.

Iowa officer stops speedy SUV, helps deliver baby

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa City police officer pulled over a speeding SUV — then helped the driver and his passenger deliver a baby.

Germany detains man trying to sell back stolen art

BERLIN (Reuters) - A man attempting to sell paintings by Picasso, Monet and other masters back to the Dutch gallery from where they were stolen has been arrested in Germany, German media said. Thieves made off with seven paintings worth more than 50 million euros from Rotterdam's Kunsthal museum last October in a brazen and meticulously planned operation. Die Welt newspaper said prosecutors in the western German city of Cologne had confirmed the arrest of a 46-year-old man but said it was unclear whether he was part of the gang or whether he really had access to the stolen paintings.

Monkeys reject food from humans who behave selfishly, study finds

A group of monkeys has been found to show a selective form of behavior once thought limited to homo sapiens, in which the primates reject humans they observe engaging in selfish behavior. The study, published in Nature Communications, explains: “We find that the monkeys accept food less frequently from those who persistently reject another’s requests [...]


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