Man Admits Beating Patas Monkey To Death

After first saying he killed the monkey in self-defence, Michael Watkins pleads guilty to attempted burglary and animal cruelty.

Police: Girl, 7, was asked to pepper spray workers

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (AP) — Police say a Philadelphia-area woman returned to a dollar store where she'd been banned and pepper-sprayed employees who tried to escort her out before giving the can to her 7-year-old daughter and asking her to continue the fight.

Roadkill May Soon Be What's For Dinner In Montana

HELENA, Mont. -- Elk, deer, antelope and moose: If Montana residents can scrape it up, they can eat it.

State lawmakers are poised to say just that after the Senate gave its initial backing Wednesday to a bill that would allow people to salvage roadkill for food. The measure is now a final vote from heading to Gov. Steve Bullock.
It makes no sense to let the carcasses of big-game go to waste on Montana's roadways, supporters said.

"It really is a sin to waste a good meat," said state Sen. Larry Jent, D-Bozeman.

How to unload a truck stacked full of bamboo without getting your hands dirty

Health and safety is clearly not a high priority for this rogue truck driver judging by his delivery of this consignment of bamboo sticks.
Showing a flagrant disregard for red tape rules, the delivery man wasted no time in dropping off the goods in urban Taiwan.
Instead of wasting hours with a team of workers taking the bamboo off one by one, the man decided on a slightly more unorthodox approach.
Skills: Driver unloads bamboo without getting his hands dirty (Picture: YouTube / MaxCold2013)

‘Marmageddon’ over as Marmite back on sale in New Zealand

Marmite is back on the shelves in New Zealand (Picture: File)
Marmite has returned to breakfast tables in New Zealand a year after supplies were exhausted in an event known as ‘Marmageddon’.
The sticky black spread’s maker Sanitarium was able to resupply supermarkets a year after it was forced to close its factory in Christchurch, the only one in the country making the product, following damage from a series of earthquakes.
Demand was so great that some hungry New Zealanders were rationed to two jars each when shelves were restocked on Wednesday.

‘Roadkill’ deer comes back to life during police traffic stop

A ‘dead’ deer destined for the dinner table will die another day after escaping from the boot of a car during a routine police stop.
The apparent roadkill came to life when police officers in Michigan opened the boot of a vehicle expecting to find a dead animal.
They received a shock, however, when the determined deer jumped out of the car and escaped into some nearby woodland.
Determined: Deer makes a break for it (Picture: YouTube /

Australia's coup culture

Australia dumps leaders like football managers

The locust-eaters of Israel

Can you eat your way out of a locust plague?


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