Baby left in car with note saying mom went shopping

A woman in New Zealand is under fire for leaving her newborn baby in the car along with a note saying the mother had gone grocery shopping.

Shark Wrestler Trevor Burns Praised For Rescue

A man who freed a teenager from the jaws of a great white receives one of his country's top civilian honours.

Seal Mystery: Pup Found Four Miles From Water

A hunter is asked to look after a lost seal in a forest in Sweden until it can be released into a nearby river.

Costa Del Sol: Hunt For Alligator On The Loose

Lookouts are being put in place ahead of the Easter rush as police hunt an alligator lurking in a resort popular with Britons.

Daredevil Mustang Wanted at it again with terrifying new video – vertigo sufferers look away now

Fearless: Mustang Wanted hangs off a building (Picture: YouTube)
Daredevil Mustang Wanted, who recently released footage of himself scaling a crane, has released another unbelievable video.
The terrifying new video was uploaded to YouTube at the weekend and shows the 26-year-old walking precariously along scaffolding on top of a tall building.

Who said David Cameron wasn’t cut out for politics? Cardboard version of prime minister gets five-star reviews

David Cameron, the cardboard cut-out version (Picture: Amazon)
Our political leaders are often accused of being wooden and lacking personality, but that hasn’t stopped a life-size cardboard cut-out of David Cameron making waves on Amazon.
The £29.99 item has attracted at least 50 rather polarised customer reviews to leave it with an average customer review of three stars.
(Picture: Amazon)
(Picture: Amazon)

Umbrella mistaken for AK-47 assault rifle sparks police manhunt

Officers launched a manhunt in Olympia, in the US state of Washington, after mistaking a man’s umbrella for an Ak-47 assault rifle (Picture: Reuters)
It must have seemed like a storyline from the 1990 gangster movie Goodfellas – but  Michael Di Marzo really was being tracked by a police helicopter in the US state of Washington after officers mistook his umbrella for an AK-47 assault rifle.
As the 42-year-old ran through his routine of  daily errands he noticed a chopper was following his every move – he even waved his brolly at the helicopter pilot  to say hello.

Video: Eager photographer in Costa Rica narrowly avoids being eaten by a crocodile

A photographer in Costa Rica has narrowly avoided being eaten by a crocodile after his enthusiasm to get the perfect shot put him in harm’s way.
The incident, which was recorded by one of his friends and put on YouTube, initially involved the man, known as Antonio, sitting on a river bank close to the creatures and waiting there until they were nearly on top of him.
For good measure he even got his friends to throw pieces of meat towards the reptiles to entice them closer.
Man narrowly avoids being bitten by crocodile (Picture: YouTube)

Nuts excuse to miss a funeral: A squirrel burned down my home

Alby Tebbutt has declared war on the squirrels vowing to ‘shoot them all’ (Picture: Archant)
As diversions go it sounds completely nuts – but a funeral car had to pull a U-turn on the way to a cemetery after a mourner learned a squirrel had sparked a blaze at his home in Romford, Essex.
Alby Tebbutt was in the final car of a funeral procession when he received a phone call to say his garage was burning down after a grey squirrel had chewed through an electrical cable and started a fire.

Does it cluck or quack? Chicken is fathered by a duck in ‘Jurassic Park’ breakthrough that could bring back extinct animals

A chicken has been fathered by a duck (Picture: Reuters)
It looks like a chicken and acts like a chicken – but the father of a fledgling bred by scientists is actually… a duck.
Researchers have successfully used one species to produce another using a pioneering technique that could one day help bring extinct animals back to life.
A male duck embryo was injected with germ cells from a chicken – giving it the DNA needed to produce the same sperm as a rooster. Once the duck grew, it was able to breed with a hen to create a chick.


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