Former Prima Ballerina: Bolshoi Ballet Was A 'Huge Brothel'

The beloved and scandal-besieged Bolshoi Ballet has been hit with yet another controversy.

Former star dancer Anastasia Volochkova has accused the world-renowned dance company of pimping out its female dancers.

Naked Suspect: 'I'm High On Jesus'

Police in Decatur, Ala., arrested a naked man for indecent exposure outside a local high school on Monday. Although the suspect reportedly claimed divine inspiration for his antics, his actions were anything but righteous.

Man, 90, Accused Of Punching State Trooper

A 90-year-old man in Pennsylvania has been arrested after being accused of punching a state trooper.

On Friday night, police in Armagh, Pa., came to the home of Russell Stiffler to check on Stiffler's wife, Jane, at the request of Mildred Smith, her daughter from a previous marriage. She had recently suffered a stroke and was trying to notify her mother of her medical condition, WTAE-TV reported.

Octomom Investigated For Welfare Fraud

Octomom could be facing time behind bars if a new investigation uncovers evidence that she committed welfare fraud.

McDonald's Proves That There Is Such Thing As Too Much Meat

It's pretty easy to make the case that the best burgers are the ones with a great beef flavor. A good burger doesn't need too many frills: We're cool with cheese, onions or even mushrooms -- but once you start throwing on kimchi or other crazy toppings, you may have gone too far.

You know what is definitely too far? A couple of thick sausage links atop the patty.

LOOK: Artist Makes Portrait Of Former Pope ... Out of 17,000 Condoms

When Niki Johnson, an artist in Milwaukee, heard former Pope Benedict XVI say in 2009 that using condoms could increase the AIDS epidemic in Africa, her creative juices started flowing.

"I just thought, whoa," Johnson told The Huffington Post in an interview. "'I need to do something.'"

Get Your Anti-Drone System Right Here

Worried about the government's increased use of drones to spy on citizens? Well, for the price of a new car you may be able to block unmanned flying vehicles from snooping.

Nats Star Gets Free Burritos For Life

WASHINGTON -- Of all the benefits that come with being a star player on the Washington Nationals -- the $9.9 million contract, the magazine covers, the luxury cars -- we're guessing this one ranks pretty high.

S.C. Sheriff Indicted For Letting Favored Inmates Have Access To Drugs, Sex And Booze

COLUMBIA, S.C. — An indictment charges a veteran South Carolina sheriff let some favored inmates sleep outside jail with access to television and alcohol and that he gave away weapons to people he knew.

Sheriff Sam Parker in Chesterfield County denied charges outlined Wednesday in an indictment that also alleged chosen inmates had unsupervised visits with women.
Parker's attorney, Johnny Gasser, says the sheriff got tripped up by confusing regulations but did nothing criminal.


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