S.C. Sheriff Indicted For Letting Favored Inmates Have Access To Drugs, Sex And Booze

COLUMBIA, S.C. — An indictment charges a veteran South Carolina sheriff let some favored inmates sleep outside jail with access to television and alcohol and that he gave away weapons to people he knew.

Sheriff Sam Parker in Chesterfield County denied charges outlined Wednesday in an indictment that also alleged chosen inmates had unsupervised visits with women.
Parker's attorney, Johnny Gasser, says the sheriff got tripped up by confusing regulations but did nothing criminal.

Senate Barbershop Loses $350,000 Per Year

After lathering up deficits of roughly $350,000 a year over the past 15 years, Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer says it’s time to give the U.S. Senate barbershop a trim,
" target="_hplink">the Weekly Standard reports.

LOOK: Little Girl Discovers Dinosaur Species

One little girl's odd hobby has led to an extraordinary find for British paleontologists.

At the age of 9, Daisy Morris has discovered a new dinosaur species, which scientists have since named after her. The new creature has been dubbed Vectidraco daisymorrisae, the "Dragon from the Isle of Wight."

Gini Graham Scott: Bring 'Em Back Alive: De-extincting the Extinct

One of life's greatest ironies is that while thousands of current species are going extinct, scientists are working on bringing back extinct species and people are discussing whether to bring them back. So I started thinking about the implications of bringing back these species -- and which ones we might bring back. After all, once scientists perfect the technology, it's probably just a matter of time until we start seeing these once extinct species among us.

Man's Itchy Spot Turns Out To Be A Knife

YELLOWKNIFE - A Yellowknife man thought he was just scratching an annoying old itch earlier this week, but it turned out to be a knife blade that had been stuck in his flesh for almost three years.Billy McNeely says he was stabbed in April 2010 in a fight, but the wound was never X-rayed.He has had a lump in his back where the blade went in, has suffered recurring pain and has set off metal detectors every time he has walked through.McNeely says doctors and nurses always told him the lump was caused by nerve damage and the detectors were responding to a metal fragment lodged in his bone.But

Bart Simpson, Mr Burns appear in court. Actually

A REAL-life person called Bart Simpson has appeared in court in front of a judge called Mr Burns charged with possession of a firearm.

Flasher targets female athletes

MALE athletes in strife after one is filmed exposing himself to female competitors at a World Cup biathlon event in Russia. See the video

Long-winded ad poo-hoos smokers

CANADIAN health authorities have let it rip at smokers - comparing their smell to a fart.

Hamster found wandering streets of Edinburgh during blizzard needs new home

Gruelling paw-deal: Poppy was rescued by a passer-by (Picture: CSNA)
Making your way along snowy pavements when it’s supposed to be spring is hard work for anyone.
And if you’re a 15cm (6ins) tall hamster, it’s no fun at all.
It is not clear how petite Poppy ended up picking a path down a city centre street as blizzards battered Edinburgh on Monday.
But she probably wished she was back home working up a sweat on her wheel as she shivered in the unseasonal conditions.


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