VIDEO: Girl has pterosaur named after her

A nine-year-old girl has had a prehistoric creature named in her honour after fossilised bones she found turned out to be an undiscovered species.

Runaway lorry scare on German road

A heavy lorry careers along a German motorway for 10km (six miles) with an unconscious driver at the wheel, but nobody is hurt.

Bowl found at garage sale fetches over $2.2 million at auction

A 1,000-year-old Chinese bowl that was bought for a few dollars at a garage sale in New York state sold for more than $2.2 million at auction on Tuesday.

Canadian fisherman hooks 18-foot great white shark

A Canadian fisherman hooked an 18-foot great white shark in the waters off Florida.

Barack Obama's Limousine Breaks Down In Israel

Israelis are surprised to see the US President's signature black limousine sitting on the back of a lorry.

New Zealand's Year Of Marmageddon Is Over

New Zealand's version of Marmite has made a return to the shelves - after production was halted by the earthquake of 2011.

Oh Deer! Roadkill Makes Great Escape

A driver hoping to bring home some meat after hitting a deer on the road gets a surprise as the animal regains consciousness.

Thousands Of Dead Prawns Washed Up In Chile

An investigation is launched into whether an "environmental crime" has been committed after a beach is blanketed by dead prawns.

Video: Watch: Police search car, deer jumps out of trunk

An officer was routinely checking parking lots in Kalamazoo, Mich., when he found a suspicious person sitting in a parked car. The car's owner told the officer he accidentally hit a deer and planned to take it home for food. When the officer checked the trunk to see if the deer had been properly tagged, it jumped out and ran into the woods.


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