Boy Shoots Self In Groin, Blames It On Men In 'Ninja-Like Masks'

After playing with a gun and accidentally shooting himself in the groin Friday, one Chicago-area teen was left with injuries both his body and his pride.

Man Uses Sword In Sexual Assault And Beating Attack

Police have charged a 20-year-old man with allegedly beating and sexually assaulting an acquaintance in her Chicagoland home with a sword.

A 43-year-old woman called River Forest police early Thursday to report “acquaintance” Kenneth W. Merrills was still inside her home, armed with a sword that he used to assault her, the Tribune reports.

Human statue springs to life to punch annoying joker in face

Take that: The human statue hits the annoying member of the public (Picture: YouTube)
A human statue sprang to life when he punched a member of the public in the face for annoying him.
The jester, who is probably still nursing a sore face, will think twice before bothering another street performer after the incident at an Australian beach resort was posted on YouTube.
In the 35-second clip, the purple-shirted joker is seen continually poking the human statue in the face as he simply tries to entertain the crowd.

Warning Over Stun Gun Mobile Phones

Australian border staff say they are seeing a large increase in the number of stun devices being disguised as mobile handsets.

College Sued After Suspension Over 'Hot For Teacher' Essay

DETROIT -- A man suspended from a Detroit-area university after writing about his attraction to teachers in a class journal sued the school Friday for $2.2 million and four lost credits, claiming his free-speech rights were violated.

Ancient Birds Had FOUR Wings?

Thought you knew what ancient birds looked like? Think again.

The ancestors of some modern bird species had four "wings" instead of two, according to a new study, and that may have played a major role in the evolution of early birds and flight.

Roaches Run Amuck On New Jersey Bus

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. -- Riders on a New York City-bound bus from New Jersey are reporting an invasion of cockroaches.

A passenger on a Manhattan-bound bus from Atlantic City tells WABC-TV ( that roaches started coming out of the vents inside the bus just 15 minutes into their Friday afternoon journey.
The passenger reports roaches could be seen crawling on seats, windows, side panels and even on people.

WATCH: Cremated Ashes Used For Fireworks?

HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd talks to Nick Drobnis about how he started his company Angels Flight, which turns cremated ashes into a fireworks display for grieving families.

LOOK: Puppies And Their Giant Rodent Mom Play Together

Rodents can be cute, you guys. Even giant rodents. And they're like, really good moms.

The resident capybara at Rocky Ridge Refuge in Arkansas, who is named Cheesecake, recently "adopted" a litter of dachshund puppies. What is a capybara? Basically a very large guinea pig.


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