Giant Japanese spider crab Big Daddy arrives at Blackpool Sea Life Centre

Sea Life senior curator Chris Brown prepares to move the Japanese spider crab named Big Daddy (Picture: PA)
A giant Japanese spider crab named after UK wrestling legend Big Daddy is settling down in its new home in Blackpool.
The mega-sized creature’s claws have a 9ft (2.7m) span and it’s said to be adjusting well to his new surroundings.
‘He’s in the tank and looking happy so that’s quite cool,’ Scott Blacker from the Blackpool Sea Life Centre said.
Give us a kiss: Say hello to Big Daddy (Picture: BBC)
‘I’m petrified of spiders but I’m alright with him.

Company director Bart Simpson appears before judge named Mr Burns

Court appearance: Bart Simpson (Picture: File)
A real-life Bart Simpson faced an unlikely coincidence when appearing before a judge named Mr Burns.
The 56-year-old company director denied possessing a prohibited firearm, or to borrow a phrase from his TV namesake, claimed: ‘I didn’t do it’.
Executive Barton Simpson was stopped with the firearm at Birmingham airport on May 31 last year.

Elephant seal stops traffic in Brazil after beach breakout

A bored elephant seal stopped traffic in Brazil after deciding to take a stroll through the centre of a busy shopping district.
Tired of the monotony of daily life in the Atlantic Ocean, the gigantic mammal decided on a leisurely walk, or waddle, through the streets of popular beach resort Balneario Camboriu.
The adventurous animal, believed to weigh over half a tonne, stopped traffic for more than an hour as it made its way across a busy road.
Why did the elephant seal cross the road? To annoy motorists, of course (Picture: Brightcove)

Spoof advert for MinusIQ pill that lowers intelligence proves to be hit on YouTube

Neurologist Cornelius Grouppe talked about the benefits of MinusIQ (Picture: YouTube)
If you’ve ever considered yourself to be too smart then you need not worry anymore after a new spoof advert about a pill that lowers your IQ was released on YouTube.
The MinusIQ video claims the pill will considerably lower your intelligence by between ten and 50 points.
‘Why should I consider lowering it, you might ask? Because life is easier and the world is a much happier place when you’re dumb,’ says an actor playing neurologist ‘Cornelius Grouppe’.

7 questions on street names

Test yourself on the tricky business of signposting

VIDEO: Duchess given baby badge on Tube visit

The Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge have celebrated the Tube's 150th anniversary at Baker Street station.

BBC film 'disturbed polar bears'

A film-maker who shot a BBC documentary about polar bears could be fined after Norwegian authorities said his methods disturbed the wild animals.

Blood-test device 'goes under skin'

Scientists say they have developed a tiny blood-testing device that sits under the skin and gives instant results via a mobile phone.

Marmite returns to New Zealand shops

'Marmageddon' over as New Zealand shops restock locally-made Marmite, after shortages caused by the Christchurch quake in 2011.

Elephant Seal Stops Traffic In Brazil City

Stunned onlookers get a close-up of one of nature's most impressive beasts as it waddles out of the ocean and causes gridlock.


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