WATCH: This Creepy Floating Woman's Head Could Read You Your Text Messages In The Future

Did you ever receive a text message from your wife or your boss and wish that it could be read to you in an unsettling British accent by a giant disembodied woman's head against a stark black background?

LOOK: The Ultimate Man Cave?

When his wife said "game over" on their marriage, one man turned his living room into the ultimate man cave.

And by that, we mean he cleared the space to make room for pinball machines, toys, a big screen TV and multiple video game consoles. Below, photos of the room he recently posted on Reddit:

Garage Find Sells For $2.2 Million

NEW YORK, March 19 (Reuters) - A 1,000-year-old Chinese bowl that was bought for a few dollars at a garage sale in New York state sold for more than $2.2 million at auction on Tuesday. An unnamed New York family bought the "Ding" bowl, which is from the Northern Song Dynasty, for no more than $3 in 2007 and displayed it on a mantelpiece with no idea as to its real worth, Sotheby's said. After consulting with experts, the owners consigned the bowl for auction. Sotheby's estimated it would sell for $200,000 to $300,000.

ETs Exist, Renowned Scientists Say

The Milky Way galaxy is so big, that there's no doubt, statistically speaking, that ETs exist.

That's what several prominent scientists say on the month-long series "Are We Alone?," airing on the Science Channel.

But what do these otherworldly denizens look like? Are they smart or dumb? Will we ever come face to face with them?

Washington Officials Call In The A-Team For Legal Weed

OLYMPIA, Wash. -- Green thumb? Check. Extensive knowledge of the black market? Check.

Meet Australia's slowest racehorse

MEET Benji Bullet, the horse who continues to humiliate his superstar NRL owners by getting flogged every time he goes to the racetrack.

Death Wish coffee: World’s strongest coffee has ’200 per cent’ more caffeine than normal cuppa

Death Wish coffee: the strongest in the world (Picture: Solent)
Overdosing on caffeine to keep your eyes from hitting the floor during your 16-hour office shift has a distinct possibility of putting you in an early grave.
However, an American company has decided to embrace this by bringing out  a blend of coffee named Death Wish, which it has dubbed ‘The World’s Strongest Coffee’.
Delivered in a black packet emblazoned with a skull and crossbones, the coffee is said to have ’200 per cent’ more caffeine than your standard cuppa.

Single-take video shot in reverse is a must-watch

Videos filmed in a single take or those shot in reverse are nothing new, and even an example of both would have to be special to attract attention online.
However filmmaker Messe Kopp has done exactly that with a stunning film of him walking through Jerusalem.
The two-and-a-half minute video, aptly named Forward, shows Messe appearing to walk down a street as people cycle backwards around him.
We won’t spoil the best visual tricks in the video, which we suggest you watch for yourself.

Cake hotel opens up for sweet dreams in Soho for one night only

Sugar coated: A popcorn-filled bath is just one of the tasty treats on offer at the cake hotel (Picture: Tate & Lyle)
The world’s first ‘hotel’ made entirely from cake is to welcome guests in Soho, London, for one night only.
Visitors will be encouraged to eat their way through windows and walls clad with 2,000 macaroons, a rug made from 1,081 meringues hand-stitched together, 20kg (44lb) of marshmallow garlands, windowsills built entirely from fudge and a bath filled with caramel-coated popcorn.


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