Bird brains can crack nut trading game with self-control: study

OSLO (Reuters) - Cockatoos can delay eating nuts in order to win tastier ones, a surprise sign that birds can exercise self-control, a trait usually seen as the preserve of animals with larger brains, a study showed on Wednesday.

Seized cannabis lamps help grass grow at Notts County

LONDON (Reuters) - Heat lamps seized by police in raids on local cannabis farms will be put to good use by third tier English soccer club Notts County to help their own - legal - grass grow at the Meadow Lane stadium.

It's a dog's life in Formula One

(Reuters) - A dog's life in Formula One, if your owner is Lewis Hamilton, means a VIP pass to the races and being pampered by the sport's supremo Bernie Ecclestone.

European lawmakers leave "green fairy" out of absinthe

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Charles Baudelaire and Ernest Hemingway may well turn in their graves.

Putin urges Soviet-style fitness program, with actor Seagal

MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin reached back to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin's era for a plan to improve Russians' physical fitness on Wednesday, and appeared with film actor Steven Seagal at an event aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles among young people.

School Bus Driver Allegedly Found Drunk Inside Bus, About To Pick Up Kids

When Ms. Frizzle said, "Take chances, make mistakes, get messy," this is not what she meant.

Cheryl Hembree, of Cocke County, Tenn. allegedly purchased a 24-ounce can of Natural Ice Beer at around 2:30 p.m Monday, then took it with her to drink inside her bus, WATE reported.

LOOK: Spock Says Don't Worry About Fitting In, Stand Out

An uplifting 1960s letter from Spock to a mixed-race teen has resurfaced and recently gone viral.

Leonard Nimoy, the Star Trek star who played Spock, was so moved by a young fan's letter describing her struggles with racial identity that he decided he had to respond.

Story continues after photo.

Zoo Owner Will Live Among Lions For One Year

A Ukrainian zoo owner risked life and limb when he walked into a lions' den in 2011 and didn't come out until five weeks later. Now, Alexander Pylyshenko plans to live with lions again. But this time around, he's pledging to reside among the large felines for one year.

Inmate's Hunger Strike Enters Second Year

William Lecuyer has not eaten solid food since March 2012.

The New Jersey State Prison inmate, serving a 22-year sentence for armed robberies in 2000, refuses to eat in protest of what he claims was an "unfair punishment," the Star Ledger reports.


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