Pro wrestling manager known as "Paul Bearer" dies in Alabama

MOBILE, Alabama (Reuters) - The professional wrestling community on Wednesday mourned the death of William Moody, a real-life undertaker who gained fame as a wrestling manager with the ring name Paul Bearer.

New York mother arraigned for hiring strippers for teen's party

(Reuters) - An upstate New York woman pleaded not guilty on Thursday to five counts of child endangerment after other parents complained that she hired female strippers for her son's 16th birthday party.

Big cat sanctuary to reopen to public after deadly lion attack

(Reuters) - The California wildlife sanctuary where an African lion attacked and killed a 24-year-old intern last week will reopen to the public on Sunday, four days after the woman's death.

Erin go bragh maybe, but no flag for Irish pub in Florida

(Reuters) - The owners of an Irish pub in northeast Florida said they were shocked to receive a citation for flying the Irish flag but have removed it to comply with a local ordinance banning commercial display of non-U.S. flags.

Europe explores how to define the "green fairy"

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - It's the green-hued fuel that has fired flights of poetic fancy since the 1800s, but now the European Union is examining whether to change how absinthe is defined.

Blind Dog Has Own Canine Guide

Eddie, a 7-year-old Labrador retriever, may be blind, but that doesn't stop him from getting around. That's where his buddy Milo, a crossbred terrier, comes in.

Milo acts as a canine guide to the blind dog, leading Eddie by the leash around their neighborhood in Wales. The adorable pair even sleep together -- big spoon and little spoon.

Mom Battling Son In Mayoral Race: 'I Wish I Could Evict His A**'

Plenty of families fight over politics, but one household in suburban Chicago at least agrees the next mayor of their town should be a Casey — they just can't agree on which one.

Wendy Casey, 45, is running for mayor of the village of Dixmoor. So is her son, Randall, 27.

"In all the years I've been around, I have never heard of that at all," Roosevelt University professor professor Paul Green told the Tribune.

Woman Left Husband For 19 Pet Rats

Chantal Banks is a grown woman with a family, and like many families, hers keeps pets.

Except, in her case, the pets are rats, there are 19 of them and she appears to like them an awful lot.

Ex-Bengals Cheerleader Has Libel Retrial Set For July

COVINGTON, Ky. -- A defamation lawsuit involving a gossip website and a former Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader convicted of having sex with a teenage student was scheduled Friday to go to trial again this summer.

Know What Bizarre Item A Maine Woman Had In Her Purse? Take The Fark Weird News Quiz

A woman in Bangor, Maine, was caught with a very bizarre item in her purse.

If you know what it is, you're 10 percent away from mastering the Fark Weird News Quiz.


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