WATCH: Impossibly Cute Banff Lynx Mom And Kitten

A Banff lynx and her kitten drew the attention of guests and Parks Canada staff after the mother became fascinated with her own reflection in a window at a lodge near Lake Louise.

It's only the latest in several very public appearances the wild feline family has made this winter, providing visitors to the park with rare sighting opportunities and shutter bugs with some amazing photos and videos.

These Are Not The Popes You Are Looking For

Francis Pope was around long before Pope Francis. But for many of those excited about the new head of the Catholic Church, the difference is trivial.

Meow My God!

If, for whatever reason, you’ve found yourself wondering, “What would a cat look like with human eyes? Or, “What would a human look like with cat eyes?”

Well, this terrifying Photoshop will not only answer your questions, but will also keep you from pondering that thought ever, ever again. That, or it will haunt you forever. View at your own risk!

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PHOTOS: Would You Live In A Former Insane Asylum?

Almost every home comes with a little bit of history (sometimes charming, other times a little eerie), but would you willingly move into a former insane asylum?

Red Bull: Blackmailers Threaten To Taint Drinks

* Red Bull says blackmailers threaten to taint drinks * No evidence so far that drinks actually contaminated * Says went public to remove extortionists' leverage * Prosecutors focus on Austria, work with Germany (Adds comment from prosecutors) VIENNA, March 14 (Reuters) - The beverage and sports marketing giant Red Bull said on Thursday it was the target of a blackmail attempt by someone who had threatened to contaminate its energy drinks.

Dictator's Signature Adorns Designer Clothes In Zimbabwe

This weekend, Zimbabweans will take to the polls to vote on a new constitution that will effectively determine the future of Robert Mugabe's presidency. A young electorate increasingly desperate for jobs is expected to curb the powers of their leader, who has overseen the disastrous collapse of a once flourishing economy during his 33-year rule.

Ke$ha Is $o Cla$$y

Ke$ha continues to be a paradigm of class, as she was spotted plunked down on the curb drinking a beer.

On Tuesday, the 26-year-old pop star threw caution to the wind and said the hell with liquor laws, as she drank a tallboy of Budweiser that was wrapped in a black plastic bag, while sitting on the side of the road in Venice, Calif.

LOOK: Evacuation Slide In Building Makes Emergencies Fun

It's not electric, but this slide is practical and definitely less annoying.

A five-floor building in Shanghai, China, now has an high rise evacuation slide that promises a 14 second-long escape, reports.

The slide can be attached to the banister of a building's staircase, and, in emergencies, is deployed with the simple push of a button.

Nicholas Klingaman: Floods, Famine, Frosts and Frankenstein in 'The Year Without Summer'

No one who lived through the extreme climate of 1816 understood what caused the months of seemingly endless rain in Europe, the June snowstorms that hit New England and the Ohio Valley, or the prolonged drought in the eastern U.S. that convinced many farmers to sell their land and move west. All they knew was the weather was against them. Many blamed God: in America religious revivals intensified, particularly in Puritan New England; in Europe a succession of "prophets" foretold of a rapidly approaching apocalypse.

Masked Politician Goes To Mat Over Hat Ban

He may have been imposing in the ring, but Japanese wrestler-turned-politician "Skull Reaper A-ji" is an underdog in the political arena. Narrowly elected to the Oita city council in February, Skull Reaper vowed to fight for education reform and improved social welfare facilities, according to The Telegraph.


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