Video: "Raining Spiders" in Brazil

YouTube video captures a strange phenomenon in Santo Antônio da Platina, Brazil, where a group of social spiders appear to be raining down from the sky.'s Nick Dietz reports.

Video: Why don't Americans eat horse meat?

A scandal broke out in Europe after horse meat was found in products labeled as beef. As Felipe Maya reports, New Yorkers would not be happy if that happened in the states.

Video: The blonde and the great white shark

The Feed compiles some of the week's best viral videos including a backflip in Mini Cooper, SeaWorld San Antonio doing the Harlem Shake and a cat that goes to war with a DVD player. Plus, the majestic tale of the blonde free diver and the great white shark.

Video: Squeaky frog shows off its unique voice

The vocal Namaqua Rain Frog has gained Internet notoriety for it's squeak. The tiny amphibian measures less than two inches in length and is a burrowing frog. It spends most of its time underground and does not inhabit water. When feeling threatened, this type of frog can inflate their bodies dramatically as a defense mechanism to deter predators, as well as make the squeaky distress call -- as seen in this video.

Video: Cheerleader stuns crowd with half-court trick shot

The Feed compiles some of the week's best viral videos, including a 400 foot pendulum rope swing, an adorable father-daughter duet and a couple's argument communicated in 17 Beatles songs. Plus, a college basketball cheerleader's amazing half-court trick shot.

"Batman" turns in burglary suspect to police

Authorities in Northern England do not know identity of Caped Crusader who brought suspect to police station

Video: NYC to campaign against loud headphones

New York City wants young people to hear its latest public-health warning loud and clear: Cranked-up headphones can be hazardous to your hearing. Felipe Maya reports.

Video: "Biblical" locust swarms are delicacy for some

While the Israeli government tries to kill crop-eating locusts with pesticides, some collect them for a meal. In Saudi Arabia they are considered a health food. Felipe Maya reports.

Video: Pugs go for a sleigh ride

The Feed compiles some of the week's best viral videos, including a cinder block-tossing robot, a solo artist redefining the term "one man band," and Sesame Street celebrates one billion views on YouTube. Plus, an adorable group of pugs go for a sleigh ride.

Till taxes do us part: Chinese divorce to skip property tax

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - At Shanghai's Zhabei District marriage registration center, officials divorced a record 53 couples in a single day this week - that's about one every five minutes - as couples rushed to untie the knot to avoid tougher tax laws on home sales.


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