RSPCA issues warning over runaway wallaby in Essex

A wallaby is on the loose in Essex and the RSPCA has warned residents not to approach the marsupial.
The Australian animal was first spotted in  Panfield, near Braintree, at 5am on Friday morning when shopfitter Steven Clack saw it standing in the middle of the road.
He pulled over and initially thought it was a kangaroo after seeing it hop along the side of the road and disappear into undergrowth.

Nursing home pair flee to metal fest

A PAIR of elderly German men escaped from their nursing home to go to a heavy metal festival, it was reported.

Malia local reveals what X-rated acts Brits abroad get up to

A tattoo artist from Malia has revealed what X-rated acts Brits abroad get up to – and it’s safe to say they don’t hold back.
Parascos Wlf, a tattoo artist from Kings Tattoo, told the Daily Star about some of the most outrageous things he has seen so far this year.
He said: ‘At 3am they are drunk and their morals are taken down, they lose their inhibitions.

Woman who is in love with a ghost now wants to have babies with him

A woman who claims she is in love with ghost has revealed they have discussed having children together.
Amethyst Realm became a household name in Australia last year when she claimed she had slept with 15 ghosts since breaking up with her fiancé 12 years ago.
She claims she has gone off men completely and prefers ghosts as she can communicate, feel and have sex with them.

Fly single-handedly ruined domino world record attempt

A small fly single-handedly ruined a domino world record attempt.
A German domino entertainment group attempted to double their their own 2013 Guinness World Record and recruited 22 people to fit 4,000 mini dominoes with tweezers.
But a fly landed on the one of the tiny tiles and triggered a chain reaction before they had completed the set-up.

Iran's Ahmadinejad opines on Trump, James spat

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran's former hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's quest to return to the spotlight now includes weighing in on a spat between President Donald Trump and basketball star LeBron James.

Australia’s wildest racing carnival

IT STARTS with all the glitz and glam of the prestigious Melbourne Cup Carnival — and it ends with the messiness and wild antics of a Guns N’ Roses after-party circa the 1990s.

Amazin' frets: Free therapy for New York Mets fans

NEW YORK (AP) — New York Mets fans struggling with their team's lousy season now have somewhere to cope besides sports talk radio.


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