City Official Who Tossed Cat During Zoom Meeting Resigns From Commission

Chris Platzer, a former planning commissioner for Vallejo, California, was apparently drinking a beer during a public meeting conducted online.

1-Eyed Squirrel With Instagram Account Is Returned To Nature

Emily Istre of Lafayette, Louisiana, nursed Willamina the squirrel back to health, a process she said was "like having a toddler on meth.”

Swedish Citizens Honoring Its Chief Epidemiologist With Tattoo Tributes

Swedes say Anders Tegnell deserves all the ink he's getting for the way "he has been standing straight in the frontline" during the crisis.

Pentagon Officially Releases 3 Videos Of 'Unexplained Aerial Phenomena'

Navy officials confirmed the videos' existence last fall while insisting at the time that the footage should never have been made public.

'Face' of Sweden's virus response immortalised in tattoo

While Sweden's softer approach to the new coronavirus has drawn international attention, the country's state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has become a household name for Swedes and on Monday, his face was immortalised in a tattoo. Strange tattoos are plentiful around the world, but you'd probably still be hard pressed to find one of a star epidemiologist.

Binmen wade through rubbish to find £450 birthday money thrown away by mistake

Keiahna Jackson had been given £450 towards a post-lockdown holiday (Picture: Trinity Mirror/Stockton Council)

Lockdown-defying Parisians pose challenge for authorities

After six weeks of being stuck in their homes, a growing number of Parisians appear unable to wait for the May 11 lifting of the nationwide lockdown, venturing out even as officials warn of a new surge in COVID-19 cases if people let down their guard too early. Humans aren't designed to live like that, isolated like that."

German police bust cellar hairdressers

Finding the perfect fringe during these times of confinement may prove to be an expensive gamble after German police went underground to uncover two makeshift hairdressing salons on Saturday. When the officers arrived at the salons, carefully installed in the cellars of two private houses, "people were having their hair done", local police said in a statement.

Lockdown inspires Italian boy to create coronavirus video game

While most nine-year-olds have been battling during lockdown with the vagaries of home schooling, Lupo Daturi has been waging war on COVID-19 itself. The fourth-grade pupil from the outskirts of Milan, where inhabitants have been living in lockdown since March 8, has used his time to create a video game to play with his friends.

S.Africa leader pokes fun at himself after viral face mask fumble

South Africa's President Cyril Ramaphosa on Friday poked fun at himself for clumsily fumbling with his face mask during televised speech, a move that attracted widespread laughter on social media. The president awkwardly pulled a colourful fabric mask over his eyes after announcing an easing of lockdown restrictions on Thursday night, prompting instant reactions on Twitter by amused viewers.


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