Restaurant offers free steak tips for tips on burglar

RAYMOND, N.H. (AP) — A New Hampshire restaurant is offering free steak tips to anyone with tips on a recent burglary at their location.

Woman with 'emotional support squirrel' removed from plane

NEW YORK (AP) — Police at a Florida airport removed a passenger who refused to get off a Cleveland-bound flight after she was found carrying an "emotional support squirrel."

Purrfect job; Russian town hires cat chief to attend to strays

It was an unusual job advert. Wanted: Cat chief. Location: Zelenogradsk, Russia: Duties: Tending to the town's approximately 70 stray cats.

Family calls cops on whales they bump into during boat trip

A family called the police on a group of humpback whales they bumped into while on a boat trip.
The hilarious moment was caught on camera and the American family who are literally freaking out can be heard screaming as three whales approach their boat to say hi.
One man, who isn’t as calm as he pretends to be, tells the group to ‘calm down’ before a woman can be heard saying ‘we’re going to die’, adding: ‘I’m calling 911’.

How far should you stay away from someone with a cold or flu?

It is the sight we all dread, someone sniffling and sneezing, and you just know it’s going to head your way.
But how far exactly do you have to stand away from someone with a cold or flu to not catch what they are carrying?
Well, six feet away is the answer if they sneeze, so good luck if you’re travelling on the underground.

Axe throwing takes aim at sunny Los Angeles

"Axe throwing gives people a good reason to put down their phones," said operation's manager Carly Chalom, better known as Seven, a nickname she got after competing in an especially epic axe throwing battle. "Put that down, step away for an hour or two, and throw some axes.

And the fattest bear in Alaska is ... 409 Beadnose

Beadnose nosed out a larger Alaska brown bear, a male called 747 – and likened to a jumbo jet – in online votes collected by staff at Katmai National Park and Preserve during a wildly popular event called Fat Bear Week. Male bears are bigger but Beadnose was deemed to be more rotund.

And the fattest bear in Alaska is ... 409 Beadnose

In an Alaska clash of tubby titans that has become a social media sensation, a shaggy, brown and possibly pregnant mother known as 409 Beadnose was crowned on Tuesday as Fattest Bear of 2018.


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