Kenyans charged with imitating president to con businessmen

A Kenyan court charged seven men on Wednesday for impersonating President Uhuru Kenyatta and swindling a prominent businessman out of 10 million shillings ($100,000) in yet another high-profile corruption case.

Gatwick Airport earthquake rocks building as 3.7 magnitude tremor is felt in London

An earthquake centred close to Gatwick Airport rocked southern England in the early hours of this morning, shaking large parts of the region.
People reported feeling the tremor across West Sussex with one resident saying he was ‘gobsmacked’.
The quake had a 3.7 magnitude and struck at 3.40am near Southwater, West Sussex, around 10 miles away from the airport.

Couple stranded in Bahamas as ship leaves without them when they were 45 minutes late

A couple were left with a sinking feeling after Royal Caribbean cruise ship Symphony of the Seas left without them.
The unidentified pair were filmed from the vantage point of a neighbouring ship as they desperately tried to flag down the liner on the sixth day of a seven-day cruise.
They should have been on the ship as it made the final leg of its tour, heading from Nassau in the Bahamas to port in Miami.

‘Miracle’ moment pastor ‘resurrects man from the dead’

This is the ‘miraculous’ moment a self-proclaimed prophet supposedly brings a ‘dead man’ back to life.
South African pastor Alph Lukau lays his hands on a body lying inside an open casket, before the man suddenly, and quite dramatically, jumps to his feet.
Within hours the hashtag #ResurrectionChallenge was trending on Twitter as people shared their own ‘revival’ attempts alongside screenshots of Lukau’s ‘miracle’.

Fabulously Fat Rat Rescued After Getting Stuck In Manhole Cover

An animal rescue group says the plus-size German rodent simply had too much "good food."

Detective facing the sack for farting on duty and repeatedly saying ‘c**t’

A detective who would break wind and use strong language around the police station could lose her job.
DC Claire Fitzpatrick, 44, is accused of repeatedly using the word c**t and breaking wind in front of other officers.
In a bid to prevent herself being fired she said that the behaviour was part of a ‘culture of banter’ at her village police station in Bedwas, south Wales.

Man who bought $540 of Girl Scouts cookies is arrested

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) — A South Carolina man who bought more than 120 boxes of Girl Scouts cookies to help the scouts escape the cold has been arrested on drug charges.


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