Woman who lost mixtape on holiday finds it 26 years later at art exhibition

Stella Wedell lost a tape she made on a beach in Spain in 1993, and randomly found it while visiting an art exhibition in Sweden more than 25

Breastfeeding mum regrets fake-tanning every part of her body

Raf looked like he had chocolate all over his mouth – but it was his mother’s fake tan (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Woman left with massive scar after getting black henna tattoo on holiday

Amanda Drish-Adolf was thrilled with her tattoo at first – but she later had a horrendous reaction to it (Picture: Kennedy News and Media)

Shameless crook uses court appearance as photo op for modelling career

Elis Tarling cuts an edgy figure as he works it for the cameras after leaving court (Picture: BPM)

Vet gives parrot prosthetic wings after owner cut them off

Wei Wei is back flying again after a procedure to give her new wings (Picture: Caters)

Woman pees alcohol despite not drinking a drop

The woman, 61, has a condition where yeast in her bladder ferments sugar into alcohol (Picture: Getty)

‘Exploding hammer’ festival leaves 43 injured in Mexico

Dozens of people have been injured in the annual ‘exploding hammer’ festival in Mexico.
The event, which takes place every February, involves people attaching a mix of sulpher and chlorate to the ends of sledge hammers.
They they smash the hammers against rail beams, making the substance explode and send up massive clouds of smoke.
Some of the participants are flung backwards with the force.


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