Modern-Day Nannies Are Equal Parts James Bond And Mary Poppins

Those who have self-defense skills and know how to ditch the paparazzi are in demand by high-profile couples.

Authorities: Woman pulls gator from pants during stop

PUNTA GORDA, Fla. (AP) — Sheriff's officials say a Florida woman pulled a small alligator from her yoga pants during a traffic stop.

Whose poo is this? Prague Zoo takes a closer look at dung

PRAGUE (AP) — After producing plenty of elephant dung and other manure for years, Prague Zoo has capitalized on its expertise by creating a new permanent exhibit on the world of animal excrement.

Tanzania plans cable car for Mount Kilimanjaro

A cable car could increase tourist numbers by 50 percent by providing access to the mountain for those unable to climb it, Constantine Kanyasu, the deputy minister for tourism, said. "There are two companies one from China and another from a Western country that have shown interest." "This won’t be the first time in the world, cable cars are there in Sweden, Italy, the Himalayas,” he said.

Vatican’s ‘exorcism uni’ is booming

Exorcism is going multi-denominational. Where once those competing for the souls of followers would burn each other as heretics and engage in bloody wars, the world’s mainstream Christian denominations are now rallying together to battle a resurrected threat.

Muslim mum’s anger because she thought Aldi sauce contained bacon

Rianne Ward’s son said ‘mummy this smells like bacon’ when she served it to him (Picture: BPM)

Over 300 cats found living in tiny flat

The cats were being hoarded (Picture: Toronto Cat Rescue)

Prague Zoo's New Exhibit Takes A Closer Look At Poop

The excrement exhibit features poop from extinct animals as well as dung from modern-day creatures -- all in various sizes, shapes, textures and colors.

Tanzania plans cable car for Mount Kilimanjaro

Tanzania wants to boost tourist numbers by putting a cable car on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain, and is in talks about the project with a Chinese and a Western company.


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